Friday, July 29, 2011

Up and Down

It was a beautiful day spent in our weekend-house. The perfect summer day, when it's not too hot and you can walk outside without suffering in the heat. Even though I'm more of an autumn person, because I love the mood that time of year brings with itself, I can for sure appreciate a summer day like this. When everything is still and life seems to slow down. Here are two images. One of the sky, with those big fluffy clouds that were shielding us from the sun, and the other from the chestnut tree growing right in front of our door.


  1. Love the leaves nice images

  2. Nice shots! And I like these two posted together, they seem to fit nicely and make an impact. If that makes sense :)

  3. Thanks so much Jackson. It makes total sense. It's a contrast and as such they go together. Sky and Earth.



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