Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunset from two angles

What I like about this image is the black vignette effect that seems to enhance the darkness of the sea and mountains as the sunlight slips away. As if everything is about to be swallowed by the approaching night.

The view of the sunset was much better enjoyed on the other side of the bay. The soft pink light was created with sunglasses that i put in front of the lens. No color correction needed. It was a fun thing to try out. 


  1. I never tried the sunglasses trick! I like the shot with the boats in the foreground.

  2. Absolutely wonderful Mersad. The light is just right.

  3. I like that sunglasses trick.
    P.S. Angels or angles?

  4. Love the lighting and composition in your first photo. And how creative to put sunglasses in front of you camera lens!

  5. @Kathy: It's angles! That was a typo :D

    Thank you all for commenting. The sunglasses trick came to me in an instant, when I saw the pink ones my sister had on her. It's really good, because it works as a diffuser and color balancer in one without having to buy expensive equipment.


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