Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to get rid of clutter in Images

The image below is a small fish pond in the mountains. A very cold river, named Sanica, flows out of the mountain and eventually arrives here. There are several basins as you can see in the image. Why did i post this? Well, besides the fact that I think the image turned out good, I also wanted to comment on the subject of clutter in images.

This one was a perfect example of this very common thing in photography. I strive for simplicity. So when a scenery presents itself with lots of detail, things can get out of control very quickly. The first image shows what "clutter" i chose to edit out. Sometimes it's quite easy and other times you have to be a bit more detailed and careful. However the clone stamp tool in Photoshop is your friend.


  1. Mersad, when I saw this image in my just called out to me. Reading those first few lines embraced a need I had, at this very moment. I want to thank you. Can't explain it, really, but thank you.

    It's beautiful and I also like how you enabled others to understand the need to de-clutter {in more than one way}.

  2. As you said, it's hard to explain. It's not clutter in the sense that the objects in the image are not supposed to be there. It's odds and ends of existing things that go out everywhere.

    When doing this, I think it's important to have a line in your head through which the eyes are moving in the image and see what doesn't belong there.

    It sounds complicated when written this way. I guess it's intuition and personal taste.

  3. I totally understand your words, Mersad ;) It's a photographer's eye, ability and writer's mind to share, understand. The 'clutter' is an analogy, also, about how one can view their life, circumstances and sift.



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