Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Summer Vacation (Part One)

Well, here it is. The first part of the multi-part vacation photo series. A lot of images have been taken and 74 lucky ones selected for presentation. My sister and I went to Šibenik, which is located in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Generally speaking we had a wonderful time there, met nice people, and saw some beautiful places.

In this first part I will show you our visit to the local fortress in Šibenik called "St. Mihail Fortress". It is located in the town center of Šibenik.

Coming up in Part Two: We will continue our visit to the old town of Šibenik and take a look at the harbor.


  1. WOW - wonderfully stunning photography, Mersad. I can't get over how much your skills have grown since the first days that I began following - just a short time. Your work is A+++!!


  2. Thank you Heather. I am also stunned when I look back. :D I read a lot of photography literature, got new gear, but the best way to get better is just to go out there and shoot.


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