Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Last Days of Winter Sleep [Video Inside]

Here is the promised video. It's called "The last days of Winter Sleep". In this video you will see a sleepy little valley in the last days of winter. As the days are getting longer, nature starts to awaken and the frosty, cold and barren landscapes begin to fade. Please view in HD and Full Screen for full effect!

Shooting the video has been quite a challenge. As I have previously written, the locations for this video have been photographed many times by me, and I wanted to avoid repetition. That meant finding new angels and viewpoints in order for the video to look right (at least to me). A tripod was essential here, since I wanted to convey a calm atmosphere.

The shot of the valley in the beginning of the video was actually a high-speed shot. The sun was slowly getting out behind the clouds, lighting the valley. In editing the footage was sped-up to create a sense of motion that was larger than life. I think it turned out quite well!

The areas depicted in the video had been victims to a massive fire-blaze at the end of last summer. At one point it seemed that nothing would be left over. But as you will be able to glimpse, a lot of the trees and flora managed to stay alive. Spring will show these landscapes in their full glory again, but until then everybody is still enjoying the last days of quiet before having to wake up.


  1. Great video and I really love that first shot

  2. @Doreen: Thanks. I love this area a lot.

  3. @A: The first shot is one of my favorites too, I had the luck that the path of the sun rays was in the middle of the valley.

  4. At first I thought how beautiful and varied, but then I was saddened by the fire!

  5. I guess we will see if everything will recuperate by the time spring arrives (although the weather here has been quite in a winter mood, lately)


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