Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Closer Look at the Rural Portraits

This portrait (as well as the rest in the recent rural portraits series) was taken in an abandoned transmission station in the hills. I guess it's not the most unusual thing to come across in the countryside, but it was still odd. Nevertheless it provided a great backdrop for the portraits, because the back-wall was lit by natural light. An entry is on the left side behind me, and through it the warm glow of the sun illuminated the cracked wall with its golden light.

This next image was taken right at that door. While the sun outside provided light that was too harsh, standing in the doorway proved just the right thing, since the window to the right side (the one through which the previous photo was taken) gave light to the wall in the back.

The next portrait was taken on the bare hills, with the wast never-ending mountain landscape in the background. It was a little before the golden light of sundown, so I had to cheat a little bit with the colors in post, and added a retro-red-tint to the image. This is quite handy when you need to restore an image that wasn't taken in perfect light.

The last portrait I want to talk about is this one. I love the composition of it, with the sky so open, and the hills in the background. The light was still a bit too harsh for my taste, but it passed. 


  1. Nice portraits, and thanks for the notes on the light. I'll try to remember...


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