Friday, March 31, 2017

Early Spring in the Mountains [Part 2/2]: Deep in the Wilderness

We are back in the mountains with the second and final part of images from our "Early Spring in the Mountains" series. It was getting colder and colder as we went deeper into the woods but we didn't mind. Some little glimpses of spring could be seen, but mostly nature was still in sleep. Since our visit two weeks ago things have changed quite a bit, but for now let us examine the early stages of the new season.

This is a part of a two part photo series:
Part One: The Uncertain Path
Part Two: Deep in the Wilderness

The dogs still had the time of their life, despite the cold the was dooming. The long narrow dirt road was cutting into the mountain like a knife, offering a few sights here and there of the river flowing beside us. We had lunch before we embarked on this path which made traveling somewhat of a chore, I'm not going to lie. But we did manage to get on with our journey rather quickly.

Talk about the dogs having fun. As soon we got near a water stream, Brauni went into the river and started pulling out rocks. If that wasn't fun enough, she then started to collect the rocks she would pull out and stack them neatly on the side. She was very determined to add as much as she could to her collection.

Some lovely sights waited for me by the river bed, especially the moss covered rocks and trees. Of course the fresh river flowing beneath had it's charms as well. Nature can be very fragile and I don't like disrupting it much. I'm more interested in being a silent observer and just take it all in. Honestly I could stand here the whole day, look out and not get bored.

The way back was greeted with some (unfortunately short) sunny periods. I saw this rather unique looking tree on the way back.

A final sight towards the mountains. As the day wore on it got more cloudy and cloudy. Rain would also fall later this day, so we got away before getting drenched.

I hope you have enjoyed our mountain excursion and early spring sights. I hope to show you more spring sights soon.

The End


  1. wow! that place is looking so beautiful and so good experience you shared of that place morning walk. its really interesting and stunning photos you shared.
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  2. you know I love that wicked story book TREE. and Brauni the rock collector has me laughing. I can tell the dogs loved the creek. it sure is pretty there. kisses to Beni in his green coat

  3. Ich erinnere mich an BIlder von hier von früher. Diese Wasserfarbe fasziniert mich total und die moosbewachsene Bäume...Wunderschöne Gegend und Fotos.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Absolutely amazing photos! Boy, those moss-covered trees and rocks are just wonderful!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous images, Mersad. Favorites today are #7 with the moss-covered trees and the fast-flowing river, #12 with the footbridge and the little gate or section of fence on the other side; and #14 with that amazing tree. Brauni is too funny. She looks like she's in attack mode with those rocks.

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  7. What a lovely hike you took. Loved the pretty moss, enjoyed seeing the dogs having fun in the water & gathering rocks (silly dog). I liked the shot of the unusual tree, wouldn't cross that bridge (if you can call it that) and just had a very pleasant time enjoying your hints of spring.

  8. Looks like a peaceful walk. The creek was full of snow melt. Love the long haired sheep!

  9. That looks like a lovely Spring walk!

  10. Such beautiful scenery on that walk. I have to say i totally love that shot of the sheep! my fave



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