Friday, March 17, 2017

Outskirts of Mostar at Sundown

I love finding old buildings and photographing them. I always wonder what kind of live was led there and what the buidlings were used for. Then I also like to think about how time has changed them. Once full of life now they are abandoned waiting for a new purpose.

These images were taken nearby a part of the University Campus of Mostar which is located outside the city. Next to the buidlings that are functional you can find these remains. I'm sure that the city will find new use for them soon. They seemed to be part of the campus as well.


  1. Beautiful clicks. Loved the post.

  2. Das glaube ich dir gerne. Auch ich frage mich jedes Mal was die Mauern wohl erzählen würden wenn sie sprechen könnten. Tolle Aufnahmen hast du gemacht!

    Wünsche dir einen schönen Start ins Wochenende und sende viele Grüsse


  3. All beautifully photographed, Mersad; but the last one is a particular favorite. The path and the crooked trees, combined with your talent for low-light photography, makes a lovely picture.

  4. Love all those trees. Beautiful campus. The last 3 photos are just absolutely beautiful to me

  5. Beautiful trees! Lovely photos, Mersad.

  6. wunderschhöne Bäume und ein interessantes Gebäude
    LG susa

  7. Lovely photos. Like your use of light.

  8. So beautiful. How is it there now? I visited Bosnia with a church group in 1996. It was just after the war. What I remember about Mostar is that everything was damaged. Every building had holes. We tried, innocently, to take a photo of a building (I think was in or near Mostar, but may have been elsewhere) but were told not to by the local authorities. When we left Bosnia and drove back into Croatia, you could feel something change in the air, like a weight had lifted. It is hard to describe.



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