Thursday, March 23, 2017

Early Spring in the Mountains [Part 1/2]: The Uncertain Path

March is the perfect time for getaways. When you have enjoyable early spring days you can really enjoy being outside. My friends and I went into familiar territory this past weekend, namely the mountain Prenj near our weekend cottage. We had the dogs with us, which was really the main point of our outing. We wanted to enjoy a walk, though it was a bit rainy. Actually the day started out sunny, but once we got to Sanica (which is the place where our mountain cottage is located), rain started to fall. Nonetheless we ventured out into the forest uncertain of what would wait for us there...

This is a part of a two part photo series:
Part One: The Uncertain Path
Part Two: Deep in the Wilderness

Nature wasn't awake at all during our walk. It didn't really stop us from enjoying our trip but as I was taking the images I thought to myself that I have to get back here once the greens return. Beni (my Maltese), Brauni (Selma's Pit bull) and Div (our neighbors Labrador) had a great time from the get-go. Especially the part where they get into the mud and become dirty. That's what they enjoyed the most.

There is something very calming when you escape busy city life. Sure, there is the obvious reduced noise and air pollution, but there is also the connection to nature and life, that even in this early spring season starts to permeate the air.

In the image above you can see our mountain cottage with other houses surrounding it. Our neighbors have the same looking house (mirror reversed) and are friends and relatives of ours.

The dogs had the time of their life in the wilderness. The first part of our walk was spent along some houses, but soon that would change and the small glimpses of rural life would be left behind.

As you can see nature is still a bit sleepy here in the mountains. While life further south in Mostar is starting to bloom, here in the wilderness, only a few brave plants have started to wake up.

This narrow walk path over the river (image above) caught my attention. Not only is it a very unsafe way to cross the river but it is also the only way for locals to access their fertile land on the other side.

End of Part One
The be continued...


  1. Hello, gorgeous views and countryside. I love your cute Beni and the other dogs. The mossy covered trees is just beautiful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Oh wie hübsch das kleine Dorf ist! Wie haben ja auch ein ähnliches Ferienhaus in der Eifel in ähnlich unberührter Landschaft und wir lieeeben es dort zu sein! GlG Anne

  3. trees, dogs and old buildings. you KNOW how much I love these photos. I can't pick a favorite today because I love them all

  4. What a wonderful early-spring walk! All the images are beautiful. A couple of my favorites are the one of Beni on the wooded path and the tight shot of the cottage and fence.

  5. The air is still chilly, there's still mud here and there, and a good hot lunch seems like a good idea. See? You took me along!

  6. Mersad, thank you for sharing your walk in the mountains. I look forward to part 2. The dogs look like they did have a great time. In a few weeks it will be spring there for real. Glad I don't have to cross that river on that rotten wooden plank.

  7. Beautiful scenery, Mersad. You are so right about the calming and restorative effects of Nature. What a lovely stream you photographed.

  8. I love the looks of your mountain cottage! The dogs look like they are in heaven!!

  9. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Die Freude der Hunde kann man wirklich sehen und auch wenn es bestimmt kühler war du hast herrliche Impressionen davon mitgebracht.

    Wünsche dir einen tollen Start ins Wochenende und sende herzliche Grüsse


  11. Thanks for taking me on your walk! What a beautiful place you live in to have walks like this!

  12. What a lovely post. The scenery is so pretty there and to have a cabin there, how lucky for you. The dogs do seem to be having a great time.

  13. Stunning shots! And the dogs are so cute. Love the old house, and the moss.

  14. Such a beautiful area! And, an amazing place to have a mountain cottage. Isn't it fun to have this place?? My husband i also have a cottage in the mountains and love our time there!



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