Friday, September 22, 2017

Beni and the Pomegranate Tree

The early fall days have brought lot of rain with them. In a few rare moments the sun shines and you can see how much the garden has grown because of it. Beni likes to play outside and he loves inspecting and chewing the grass under the Pomegranate Tree. The Pomegranate Tree on the other hand has been overflowing with seeds and has bent towards the ground. A stick holds the tree in place. But that won't be for too long. The pomegranates are going to ripen soon and once we pluck them from the tree it will shoot back up. Right now it's a welcome shield for Beni, who is so little that he sometimes goes by unnoticed in the garden. The mint has been growing like crazy as well and the leaves have even gotten flower petals. Sometimes you really have to go low to see what's going on in the garden. I guess Beni has a unique perspective every time.

I hope you enjoyed these early fall images from our garden.
I wish you a great weekend ahead!


  1. Wow...was für viele Früchte. Das finde ich ja toll, und selbst keinem im Garten freue ich mich immer wenn ich einen Baum entdecke der frei zugängig, sozusagen "wild" gewachsen ist. Das findet man hier ja öfters. Klasse Aufnahmen, lass sie dir schmecken und viele Streichler an Beni♥

    Wünsche dir und deiner Familie ein schönes, entspanntes Wochenende und sende herzliche Grüsse


    1. Danke Nova. Das wünsche ich Dir auch. Beni bekommt sehr viele Streichler :D

  2. Lieber Mersad,
    das sind wieder sehr, sehr schöne Bilder und Beni ist echt süß. Ich liebe Hunde, natürlich haben wir auch einen, frei nach Loriot, ein Leben ohne Hund ist möglich.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  3. :)

    Sweet puppy!

    I love the set up of that dining room.

  4. number five is my number one pic of todays photos, but you know I love them all and nothing can beat tiny Beni under a tree or in your home.

  5. Beautiful shots! Enjoy the change of season. :)

  6. Beni is so photogenic! And cute too. :)

  7. Beni is precious and he seems like a great companion.

  8. Cute Beni!

    I don't think pomegranate grows here.

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  10. Awesome work of photos. Truly enjoyed each and every one. My sister loves pomegranates. They are shipped in. She would have a blast at your home.



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