Friday, May 3, 2019

Winter Getaway [Part 3/3]: A Morning Walk

It is time to finish up this little travel series before summer rolls around. After my dad's passing I haven't been so much into blogging, and I miss it a lot. There is a lot collected, which I have shared with you on "Through My Lens", but now I want to get back to my main posts. This travel series takes us back to January. My friends and I visited Sanica, a little village where we have a mountain house. Snow was falling the day before and the next day we woke up to a fresh layer of it. We took the dogs with us on a exploration of the surroundings.

This is only a part of a multi-part photo series:
Part One: Snow in the Mountains
Part Two: Dark was the Night
Part Three: A Morning Walk

The dogs were up before us, ready for the day. Here in the mountains the day starts early. Fire has to be lit, breakfast prepared, dogs let out to play. There is a lot of activity without planing much else. After breakfast we climbed a nearby hill in order to get a good view of the surroundings.

Once we climbed up these wonderful mountain views greeted us. There is only one abandoned cottage up here, so you can really feel the loneliness and calm of nature here. The mountains are very impressive and there is not much left to do but stare and take pictures. With the dogs there there was also a lot of running around.

The river Sanica, which flows through the same-named village had a crystal cold shine on that day. I love the low hanging tree branches that surround the river and create almost something of a frame. It was very cold as you can imagine, but I really loved the fresh breath of air.

Beni looking out at me (before his haircut) and Div looking at Beni down below. Both of them had a great time with Selma's dog Brauni.

A great and relaxing weekend came to an end. We left the snowy slopes of the foothills of mountain Prenj, ready for another work week to begin...

The End


  1. These are wonderful photographs. It must be a very special place for your all to visit and they are such lovely walks through the snow Love all the dogs although my favourite shot is the one of Beni looking up. Thanks for sharing and I look foreward to seeing more of your photographs in posts

  2. Nice pictures, Mersad. The dogs look a little suspicious. Probably wondering when it's time to eat. You all seem to be well--- that's good.

  3. Lovely dogs in a beautiful place. Life is good! Thanks for sharing and for making me envious :)

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