Monday, April 4, 2022

Afternoon Visit to Samobor [Through My Lens Nr. 332]

Samobor is a small town located west of Zagreb, Croatia. It is a quiet and picturesque getaway from Zagreb, the capital, which can get very busy. One of the big draws of Samobor, however, is food! The town is most famous for its kremsnita cream cake (pictured above). Although you can sample this delicious custard cream cake all over Croatia (you can even purchase it in supermarkets!), it is in Samobor that the best kremšnita is produced.  Over the centuries, Samobor has also been celebrated for its craftmakers and artisans involved in the production of various goods – clothing, hats, leather items, licitar hearts, crystal items and more.

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Besides food and quiet, the main draw of Samobor is it's old castle. Built in 1268 by the forces of Czech King Ottokar II of Bohemia, the castle came to be under the ownership of numerous noble families over the centuries. The castle had been in use from the 13th to 18th centuries – added to considerably by its various owners during this time – but the castle’s decline started when its last residents left in the 18th century. The Castle came to be under the ownership of the town in 1902 and today is little more than a ruin. Unfortunately it was already late and I didn't make a venture up the hill on which the castle is located.

The main square in the town features a number of historic buildings, including the town hall. A well is also situated here – drink from the well, legend says, and you will always return to Samobor. There are also several cafes here with outdoor seating for some pleasant refreshments. Food and drinks are much cheaper then in Zagreb.

There are a number of food specialities associated with the town. As mentioned, the best-known food item is the kremsnita cream cake, but you may want to also try the local salami, mushroom soup, greblica (a thin savoury cake with a cheese and chard filling), Samobor krafne (doughnuts) and mustarda (Samobor mustard). 

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  1. To me it's like a storybook town... Nice post!

  2. A quaint little town and that cake looks delicious Mersad. Thanks for hostong and I hope you have a great week ahead

  3. So beautiful place. Great clicks.

  4. Sweet! I shouldn’t have read this lovely post before breakfast though )). I wish I could sample the delicious food from Sambor now instead of what I have! It’s a charming town and that flower wreathed doorway is beautiful!

  5. The food specialties in Samobor all sound delicious!

  6. What a beautiful town - the Bao House made me laugh. Very clever!

  7. Beautiful town with so many interesting places. Nice photos...

  8. A friend of ours in Powell River has a girlfriend from Croatia. She is so friendly and loves to share traditional foods with us. - Margy

  9. Such a beautiful place. Very nice.

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