Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coasts and Beaches (Part One)

The new series of images I want to present on my blog is themed "Coasts and Beaches". There is something fascinating in the symbiosis between a rocky coast and aqua blue sea with white salty foam tops as they crush into each other. As the water is slowly but surely destructing the stone formations. I'm not only going to focus on that particular scenario but also on nice warm summer days and their surroundings. Hopefully you'll enjoy them. I'll post two images at a time.


  1. Paradise personified. Your coastlines, seas, harbors, bays and inlets are the best, Mersad!

  2. Thank you Kathy. For this series I want back through all my summer photos and picked the best ones.

  3. Love the way you captured the curving coast lines.

  4. Gorgeous shots. That last one steals the show!

    1. And it was the last shot of the day..almost no sunlight while taking it. :)


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