Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Dramatic Turn

I know it has been a bit quiet here in the month of June, but I didn't give up on photography and neither did I on this blog. Work is finally starting to wind down as the yearly summer holidays are approaching. I will have more time to make new photos. And to get things started I have over 20 brand new, ready to go images that I will be posting here. I took them while on a weekend getaway to the seaside. You can expect some sea images, but also woods and town impressions.

The first image I'm presenting is one of a fire on a nearby island. You can see it in the background. It burned over 25 hectares of woods and soil. And while that is very unfortunate and a all to common tragedy in the summer, it made for a very dramatic touch in this image. Hopefully you'll like it.


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