Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Days [ramble and impressions post]

It's getting to be that time of year again. When every breath is careless and the sun is as bright as the possibilities of life.


There is something to be said about the days when you lie on a beach, slowly frying away, while everything around you gets absorbed in a deep black nothing. Somehow life's problems and tribulations disappear as if time is standing still.

As I'm writing this I'm in the last week of work for this working year. Vacation has already been booked and the days are being counted down. This year I'll be visiting ┼áibenik in Croatia, and hope to make lots and lots of brand new summer shots. Plans are big right now, but we'll see what will happen with them. 

I got some new gear like new filters and a flash gun, that will come to good use. This year I really want to make images at dawn. It has been something that I wanted to do for years. Unfortunately due to my laziness and general thoughts of carelessness that summer vacation brings with it, it never happened. The plan is to get up before sunrise and get to the coast and beach with a tripod and shoot those "milky-water" images that I always like to watch and always wonder how they're done.

I'll post a tutorial on it after I have taken them, because I'll have yet to see if theory will marry real life experience. I hope to post more images before then, but if I somehow manage not to now you'll know why and you'll also know what to expect.

Before I finish this rather long post, I'll leave you with a impression of past summer days.

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