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Game of Thrones Location Photos in Split [Part 2/2]: Diocletian Palace

The second part of the Game of Thrones Location Photos in Split take us to the Diocletian Palace, that is located in the old town center of Split. Unlike part one, where I showed stills from the show in comparison to the real life locations, the second time around I won't be able to do that, since these locations were used in the upcoming 5th Season of the show that will air in Spring 2015. So let your imagination run free on what they will come up with, with these locations.

This Palace is part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. The importance of the palace far transcends local significance because of its level of preservation and the buildings of succeeding historical periods, starting in the Roman period, which form the base of old Split. The palace is one of the most famous architectural and cultural buildings on the Croatian Adriatic coastline.

Our Travel to Split is made up of multiple parts. Other parts include:
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These old and narrow streets seem like something right out of Westeros, the fictional continent in Game of Thrones.

We arrived in the afternoon here. Walking down the streets gives you a real sense of the history of this place. The cobblestones on the walk paths, lead you to various sub streets of the old town. Almost like a maze, these corridors are connected to the outside world as well as the complex inner structure of this part of the city.

Although the original structure was modified in the Middle Ages, the alterations have only served to increase the allure of this fascinating site. The palace was built from lustrous white stone from the island of Brač, and construction lasted 10 years. Diocletian spared no expense, importing marble from Italy and Greece, and columns and sphinxes from Egypt.

After the Middle Ages the palace was virtually unknown in the West until the Scottish architect Robert Adam had the ruins surveyed and, with the aid of French artist and antiquary Charles-Louis Clérisseau and several draughtsmen, published Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmati.

We took a walk down the basement of the palace. In the 4th Season of Game of Thrones, they used some of the basement structures, for the scene where Daenerys Targaryen leaves her dragons behind, and supposedly, they used these chambers again in Season 5.

I hope you enjoyed these views of the Diocletian Palace in Split, and the mixture with the world of Game of Thrones.

In the third part of the Split series, we will move away from Game of Thrones, but we will still be exploring the city and the various sights that we saw on our journey there.

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  1. Interesting post, Mersad, and wonderful pictures. Love the first and penultimate shots.

  2. Hello Mersad, what a beautiful tour.. I love the old narrow street and the lovely views of the Palace.. Your photos and post are always a treat... Happy Friday, wishing you a great weekend!

  3. Ive been enjoying this tip to split; a place I wouldn't know if it wasn't for you. Great photos

  4. I am so taken with this place. Love the different rocks and bricks mixed together. It certainly adds even more charm to an old place.

  5. That architecture is just amazing! :)

  6. i like all of the archway photos. wow, the architecture here is amazing. I told you i had not heard of the Game of Thrones, but last night i saw an advertisement that showed part of it on TV

  7. really neat structures and details!

  8. Superb captures as always and what an incredible place, Mersad!! Your photos are the next best thing to being there myself!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  9. Your photographs never disappoint. Outstanding, as ever.

  10. it is a beautiful place I see why they used this for location shooting in Game of Thrones. How wonderful that you live close enough to visit. I will be on the look out for these places once the season starts.

  11. So beautiful. Those narrows streets really look like tales from a storybook!

  12. Beautiful photos and I'm trying my hardest to get to Croatia. This summer we were denied entry at the border bc I forgot my passport. so, so frustrating!

  13. Wonderful shots!! I'm up to the third season of Game Of Thrones it, so it's interesting to see your captures..

  14. I'm so envious. I can't imagine visiting a site so old. Your photos are stunning, as usual.

  15. Oh, yes, I did enjoy the images. Beautiful!

  16. Es ist einfach nur toll und gibt noch soviel zu entdecken....ich wünschte ich hätte auch in ganz jungen Jahren damit begonnen^^

    Tolle Fotos lieber Mersad.

    Liebe Grüsse


  17. Eine sehr schöne Altstadt! Ich glaube, ich sollte mir die Serie doch mal ansehen! :)

  18. Real nice group of pictures Mersad, what an amazing mix of architecture from many historical periods. Definitely a location worth visiting!

  19. A very nice tour. Your photographs from this area are much better than the ones I took.

  20. The palace is exquisite! How wonderful that Adam published a work on the ruins during his lifetime. I would love to see this in MY lifetime, but I can't imagine ever getting there. :-( Lovely photos! I am so glad you shared this with all of us.

  21. Hi Mersad - Beautiful photos as always - fabulous architecture! I'm only blogging once a week, which means I only do comments on the one day I do a post. I just can't seem to sit at my computer more than one day a week anymore. Hope you still stop by my blog now and then. :)

  22. Hello Mersad.

    Beautiful, beautiful. So much to see on journey of pictures with detail.

    Thank you. I can see why you won awards for your photography.


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