Friday, September 23, 2016

First Sights of Fall at our Mountain Cottage

While you could argue that summer is still around (especially here in the south of the country), the northern parts are slowly but surely starting to experience the start of the fall season. During a recent visit to our Mountain Cottage I got to capture some of those sights. You will see nature in bloom though, as the fall season has only just started.

Beni was already there with our parents as my sister Jasmina and I arrived into the mountains. He came out happily, greeting us and clearly all dirty from playing and jumping around. After lunch, we went outside to explore the surroundings.

We went to the neighbors property, which is also very well maintained, and I made a few shots of the house, grounds, as well as Jasmina, and Beni and Div, both of which were goofing around. It was hard to get them to stand still so that I could take a good shot.

The surrounding mountains were really the only things giving way to fall while we were there. The mountain Prenj can be seen in the distance, while the hills nearby show some orange and yellow in the mostly green trees.

Our little house from our neighbors grounds is peaking out behind the wooden fence and planted fruit trees. A storm is approaching in the background, and it would  hit us later in the day. I guess that's also part of the upcoming fall season.

I took some more shots of Beni until it started to rain and we headed back inside the house. A really nice afternoon was cut short, but we did enjoy our time outside while it lasted. Beni went back to Mostar with us and got a bath later that evening.


  1. Beautiful images, Mersad. I hope you have the opportunity to see autumn colors fully develop in this setting. It must be glorious!!!
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    1. Yeah it's only starting now. We'll have plenty of time to enjoy the real fall season there.

  2. Even though the trees are still green I can feel a little bit of autumn in the air in your photos.

  3. A truly beautiful place!

  4. such a beautiful place. beni is adorable as is his big lab friend.

  5. Such a lovely area! You're very lucky. :)

  6. These are so beautiful, and they do show a hint of the color still to come. Favorites here are the 4th and the 13th. I hope you can return in a few weeks to catch these scenes in their full fall glory.

  7. Jasmina and the dogs make those Fall pictures so much more enjoyable!! Good going, Mersad.

  8. What a lovely place for a vacation! (and Beni is cute too)

  9. These are just wonderful Mersad! Perfect place for a vacation spot. Love seeing Fall coming in.

  10. Very nice. You always do a wonderful job!

  11. Early autumn is so beautiful - lots of warmth from the sun, but changing colours in the hills and more stormy weather. What a lovely place for a getaway.

  12. How wonderful and privileged you are to have a mountain house, be at peace with nature and away from the stressful of city life. And all the views from you area are all amazing. You and the dogs are so blessed.

  13. Very charming home and fence. Such a pretty area. Always fun to see the dogs enjoying themselves.

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