Monday, March 20, 2017

Blooms and First Colors [Through My Lens Nr. 86]

Life has been so hectic lately that I have not even found time to edit my images. I have a two part travel series sitting in drafts which I'm not able to finish (but which will be up this Wednesday). What is keeping me busy? Besides regular work, it's garden work (the progress of which I hope to show you soon) and new travels which are waiting for me in spring. So yeah, you will be getting a lot more new content soon and I know it will be worth your while. Thanks again for joining the rest of us in this weeks "Through My Lens".

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  1. It will take a long time yet until the Magnolia blooms. A favorite flower.

    Good Luck with editing work :)

  2. Yes I seem to meeting myself coming back these days and canot find time to do as much commenting unfortunately but endeavour to daily blog but it is always lovely seeing your phtographs even i do not always comments. Thanks for hosting and have a good week.

  3. Good Morning, sweet friend,
    and thank you for hosting your so lovely link-up party and for posting such stunning images, I'm so grateful to you for such a Beauty !

    Hope your new week is off to a pleasant start,
    I'm sending hugs to you

    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

  4. Beautiful signs of Spring!

  5. Wunderschön gesehen, der Frühling ist eine ganz besondere Jahreszeit.
    Viele Grüße zum Frühlingsanfang

  6. Hello, Mersad. Lovely spring pictures. For magnolias I have to wait till May :( here, in Kolobrzeg, Poland. I wish you good week.

  7. In our garden the magnolia have "only" blossoms, but the spring will come to Germany lower saxony too!
    Have nice Travels and bring many photos please.

  8. Hi! Magnolia blossoms are very beautiful. Spring is just around the corner in your neighbor! Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE the Magnolia Blossom. Such a beautiful tree/flower. Enjoy the spring season!

  10. Gorgeous shots Mersad! Your meme is one of my absolute favourites to link up with each week. I love visiting your blog... so much beauty!

  11. Lucky you! We won't get blooms until end of April and gardening starts here mid May. Hope your week is less hectic. Thanks for hosting!

  12. So beautiful pics.
    Greetings from India

  13. Signs of Spring! And I hope your Spring is beautiful, and peaceful.

  14. It's great to see these first signs of spring "through your lens." Our weather hasn't quite decided what season it is yet. Thunderstorms are expected this afternoon. We still have tiny patches of snow left over from the last snowfall. Hope things settle down for you soon. I'm looking forward to seeing where you've been now.

  15. Trees and flowers are just starting to bloom where I live too. Hooray for spring!

  16. Beautiful pics. Love to see the signs of spring in other places of the world as it is raining on the first day of spring here in Northern California.

  17. I know what it is like to have life in fast track mode, but spring is starting to spring up in your world, so happy days ahead! Have a great week.

  18. If this is a preview, I am really looking forward to your garden images.

  19. Love those beautiful pictures!!! So happy spring is coming!!! The Magnolia blossoms are so gorgeous:)

  20. Now that you are posting the blooms and plants, i am posting different theme, hahaha! I can't seem to have same line of posts here. Anyway thanks for hosting.

  21. I certainly understand that life's busyness sometimes gets in the way. Thank you for hosting each week!

  22. Sus fotos desprenden ambiente primaveral.
    Un saludo,



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