Monday, March 13, 2017

Marching On [Through My Lens Nr. 85]

Nature is trying to break free from winter but despite the best efforts of March so far, it hasn't been able to for now. Though I do enjoy this time of year as well. You can explore the surroundings much better and making trips outside of the city is much more fruitful and relaxing, then in the heat of summer. I will say that I can't wait for the green colors to return (my allergies not so much). I have been out this past weekend and a new travel series will begin this Wednesday. Thank you for joining us in another week of "Through My Lens".

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  1. I wonder why that raod is leading you and what new adventures are you going to bring us from your part of the word. Thanks for hosting and havae a good week ahead.

    1. Thanks Margaret. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming photo series.

  2. Prelijepe su fotografije, sviđa mi se izbor kadrova. :)

  3. Hi! Your photos make me to think the old days in our country. They are very peaceful.Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like your choice of filter for this war-affected scene. Very fitting and transcribes the feeling perfectly. Can't wait for the new travel series. Where off to? Thanks for hosting.

  5. We are experiencing the same here, including bouts of allergies

  6. It has been very dry where I live and there was a grass fire this past weekend which was very scary. Happily the fire department was able to put it out quickly. We do worry here about the dry winter we've had fro that reason. We need spring rain or snow! Looking forward to see where you have traveled to recently.

  7. I remember the house with the scars of war...It will be happier when spring comes. I look forward to the new series.

  8. These abandoned places, with traces of the bullet in the walls (?) look very sad...

  9. Love the composition of your photo looking down the centerline of the road.

  10. Fabulous collection. My mind is still wandering down that road.

  11. Amazing place. Awesome pics.

  12. Beautiful pics. Love them. What a great place to take pics. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Also, thanks for hosting.

  13. I can't wait for spring too. And for green colours, but I must say that sometimes it is good to photograph buildings, when they are not hidden behind tons od leaves.

  14. Perfect capture of those moody spring skies.

  15. I love spring, it is my favourite time of year, but I now that autumn is creeping in I am enjoying the cooler days after the hot summer. Much better for getting out and walking and exploring.

  16. Great photo's. I often wonder when I see paths, trails, road or lanes leading off into the distance... what lies ahead.
    Thanks for hosting and I hope you are having a great week.

  17. That's an intriguing building!

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