Monday, December 11, 2017

Let it Snow [Through My Lens Nr. 124]

I love snow. We don't get it much in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially here in Mostar, but when we do I like to be there to take images of it. More so, I love snow in pine woods. It's the quintessential winter image to me. Some will argue that it's not safe to travel in snow, and I would agree. But sometimes you just have to venture out to get images and see it for yourself. Yes, a winter wonderland is not the safest place in the world, but it sure is beautiful to see. So wherever you are this winter season I hope you'll stay safe. Meanwhile let us enjoy the beauty of early winter.

Thank you all for joining me in another week of "Through My Lens". I am looking forward to your submissions this week!

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  1. Fabulous snow shot. Actually we had some snow also but not the amount that you got. Thaks for hosting and have a good and safe week

  2. yours are great looking. Where I live there are just a thin layer the don´t even cover the ground.

  3. We're supposed to get some this evening.

  4. beautiful winter images mersad! our snow is gone was pretty while it lasted!

  5. you are right, the snow in the pines is amazing. love that first view also, enjoy your snow, we are enjoying our cold front here in Florida also..

  6. We usually have a lot of snow in the high mountains by this time of the year in Colorado, but this autumn has been very warm and dry and the ski resorts have had to make their own snow. I miss seeing the beauty of snow, but the warmer weather has also been nice.

  7. I haven't seen snow in a couple of years. Your photos remind me of a time when I was living in a house in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Nevada. I agree, snow covered pine trees are magical.

  8. Gorgeous. We're in 40 degree heat at the moment...but will be heading to snow soon!

  9. Beautiful scenes and perfect for the season Mersed! Thank you for hosting and sharing your beauty. And I appreciate learning a bit about your country.

  10. That second image is so beautiful, Mersad.

  11. Those are all so beautiful pics. I live in area that doesn't know, so I am a little jealous.

  12. I love seeing wintery images from the northern hemisphere this time of year as we swelter here in summer heat in the south. Have a fabulous week and enjoy the snow, and thank you again for the link up.

  13. We haven't had any snow here yet. Sometimes we'll get a November storm but all we got this year was cold and icy ground. They say maybe just before Christmas. - Margy

  14. Gorgeous snowy photos! This can be such a magical time of year. Our snow of 2 inches a month ago is all we've had so far! But, I am sure we will get more. :-)

  15. We usually have a lot of snow in the high mountains by this time of the year in Colorado, but this autumn has been very warm and dry and the ski resorts have had to make their own snow.


  16. Dear Mersad,
    I like pine forests, the fresh air and the smell there. Amazing pictures!
    Have a nice rest week!



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