Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Further Afield in Seattle [14/18]

It has been some time coming, but we are finally finishing up our stay in Seattle, which also marked the end of Selma and I's 14-day road trip across the Pacific Northwest. After this Selma returned home, but I still had two more weeks with family. But I will cover my solo stay in the USA in the next post. For now I want to share our final days in Seattle, where took the car and explored the city a bit further afield. In this post we will cover the Kerry Park area, visit the Seattle Cemetery as well as the Seattle Japanese Garden. In the end we spent a night out in Downtown Seattle to take the city in at night one last time.

Panoramic Views from Kerry Park

Kerry Park is park on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. According to a plaque on a wall in the park, "Kerry Park [was] given to the City in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sperry Kerry, Sr., so that all who stop here may enjoy this view." That view encompasses downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, the West Seattle peninsula, Bainbridge Island, and Mount Rainier, the last of which we didn't get to see because of the low hanging clouds on that day.

The views from up here are nothing short but amazing. We talked to some locals, saw cute dogs (like little Georgie in the image above) and visited the surrounding neighborhoods. There are some very impressive houses here and just walking the streets and taking photos is a very enjoyable activity.


Lake View Cemetary

The Lake View Cemetery is a private cemetery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, just north of Volunteer Park. Known as "Seattle's Pioneer Cemetery," it is run by an independent, non-profit association. The cemetary was founded in 1872 as the Seattle Masonic Cemetery and later renamed for its view of Lake Washington to the east. There are many prominent people buried here, but probably the most famous graveside are the ones of Bruce Lee and Brandon Bruce Lee, which we visited as well.

Seattle Japanese Garden

The garden is located in the southern end of the Washington Park Arboretum on Lake Washington Boulevard East. The garden is one of the oldest Japanese gardens in North America, and is regarded as one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in the United States. The garden has undertaken several other infrastructure improvements, including a new gatehouse and community meeting room. The Gatehouse project was completed in 2009. The new structure includes a bronze gate designed by local Seattle sculptor Gerard Tsutakawa.

Last Night out in Seattle

For our last night we went back to Downtown Seattle. First we had Clam Chowder at "Pike Place Chowder" and then went for drinks into tone of the many bars there. Seattle did really amaze us in the end, and I was sad that we couldn't spend more time there. I would eventually return there for my trip back home, but it wasn't as memorable as the four days we spent here. From the Space Needle to Downtown Seattle, including the many parks and viewpoints, Seattle is a place that you can't simply leave behind. I hope you enjoyed these three posts from Seattle that I shared here on the blog.

 The next morning Selma departed back to Bosnia and Herzegovina and I made my 4 hour drive east towards Richland. Sights from the road and my time there with family will be in the next post.

 End of Part Fourteen
To be continued...


  1. We lived in Lynwood, north of Seattle for few years-- more than 30 years ago. I worked for a radio station next to the Pike Place Market. I've only been back to Seattle a couple of times since. Good to see these.

  2. I go to Portland all the time, the PacNW is the best!

  3. Beautiful photos as always, Mersad. I felt your sadness at the prospect of Selma's departure. It's always more fun when you have someone to share an experience with.

  4. I especially loved the visit to the Japanese Garden, but the cemetary and those homes are all interesting to look at, too. :)

  5. Truly beautiful place.
    Thanks a lot for sharing amazing pics from Seattle.

  6. It is a wonderful City! Hope to visit again this Summer (my sister and BIL live there), Nowhere near as far for us as it was for you ;)!

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