Friday, April 18, 2014

Above the City [Part 2/3]: Mountain Velez

In part two we visit the summit of mountain Velez. In part one we made the drive up to the plains above Mostar, and in this second part we drove further inland, closer to the mountain.

Velez mountain is a mountain in the south-central part of the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The three largest communities in the Mount Velez Region are Nevesinje, which is located in a secluded mountain valley; Blagaj, which is located near the source of the Buna River (click here to see that series); and Podvelezje which is situated below the summit of Velez (which we are visiting in this series). 

The mountain overlooks, Mostar. The Velez mountain was named after one of the old Slavic gods Velse. The highest Velez peak is called Botin and it is 1,969 meters high.

This is a multi-part series. Other parts include:
Part One: The Great Plains
Part Two: Mountain Velez
Part Three: Return into the Valley

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These parts are mostly barren landscapes, but this pine tree forest, located just along the road, was a welcome sight. We even saw a rabbit jumping happily along.

The first houses show up, just a couple of miles after you reach the plains. The harsh living conditions, caused by wind and snow, sometimes cuts these houses off from the rest of the world.

On top of this hill we found an old, run down structure, which I believe was a army base in the second world war (judging from the looks). If I find out more I'll let you know.

After visiting the mountain slopes of Velez, we took the drive back into the valley, where I made some of the best photos from this trip. But I'll share those in the final, third part!

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  1. a stunning view of the mountain in that first photo and my eyes went right to that beautiful stone fence in number 3... the views are just beautiful and the skies are amazing...

    1. There are lots of stone fences spread through the land there, separating various fields.

  2. Love that 8th shot. The clouds really give it some good texture.

  3. They are all beautiful but I love the clouds over the mountain in no. 6.

  4. I am enjoying your series of photos near Velez mountain. That stone structure on the peak looked more like it was from the Crusades than WW II. I'm looking forward to your third part of this series. Thank you for sharing your fine adventures.

  5. hallo mersad,
    wiedersuper tolle bilder.
    ich mag deine arbeit.
    viele grüße aus bayern

  6. Such beautiful landscapes and views you shared! I love the cloudy skies, and the stone fence.

  7. Marvelous captures, Mersad, as always!! Wonderful skies and landscapes!! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a lovely weekend!!

  8. Love the view and the stone fence in #3 and the cloud formation in #8. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. The desolation really appeals to me. You have captured it perfectly.

  10. love the blue mountains and blue, murky skies to compliment them!

  11. Wow...what fabulous scenery!!! What a trip. Beautiful.

  12. I like the green below and the snow up top! The mountains are beautiful! That is some fantastic country!

  13. The mountain and clouds in the first photo and in the later black and white version are both stunning. Very dramatic. I liked the rock-lined path through the trees, too. A beautiful series of images.

  14. Very traumatic skies in the 8th picture in this series, gorgeous scenery in all of these pictures!

  15. Es ist wirklich ein wundervolles Fleckchen Erde wo du wohnst. Gefällt mir sehr gut, ebenso wie die tollen Fotos.

    Liebe Grüsse


  16. I wouldn't want to live there, although it's breath taken. I really like the contrast in photo #3. I bet you had to difficult time choosing the photos to post. Great photos.

  17. Fantastic shots! Greetings from Spain.

  18. amazing scenery...i can't imagine living out there all alone like that!

  19. Herrliche Bilder, wobei die schwarz-weissen Wolken mich sehr beeindruckt haben. Der Himmel und die Wolken scheinen endlos zu sein!

    Nun wünsche ich Dir ein frohes Osterfest und wunderbare Osterfeiertage!

    LG Senna

  20. Great stunning landscape. I like it.

  21. Your images make the scenery look so magical. Just wonderful!

  22. It looks desolate up there.



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