Friday, October 23, 2015

My favorite Instagram Food Images

I take a lot of photos with my phone camera of food, like most of do. And while I don't usually post them anywhere (I just like to edit them in Instagram and keep for myself) I thought these delicious looking tidbits deserved to be shown somewhere. So why not go for it here on my blog. I have added captions of the food, and yes the prepared and cooked dishes were all done by me. I could easily have a food blog on the side, if I had the time for it :)

I love the look of food, from prepared dishes to raw vegetables and fruits. To me they are a much prettier sight in the house then any decoration you can buy. I hope you enjoy these.

Codfish with my best pan fried potatoes and spicy parsley and garlic dressing

Red and blushing organic strawberries

Baked doughnuts being prepared

A really refreshing mint and cucumber lemonde

Turkey burger with bacon,lettuce and tomato and mustard sauce on toasted bread

Three layer no-bake raspberry cream cake

A summer dinner: New potatoes with garlic and parsley dressing, fried chicken and Caprese Salad

Ruby red pomegranates

Melted chocolate, nothing more, nothing less

Creamy Chicken and Spinach Pot Pie

Apple pie (Bosnian version)

Roasted peaches, just out of the oven, getting ready to be made into peach ice cream

My special meat lasagna recipe, so juicy and full of flavor!

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Oh NO! You can only have one!! Can't do that. I want them all. (will share, but only if I have to). Have a great weekend.

  2. Everything looks so professional, did you train as a chef? I take pictures of food when eating out, then when I get home I delete them 'cause what else can I do with them these days!!

    1. Thanks, but no, I'm just a home cook (and foodie) :)

  3. Da läuft jetzt mein Speichel aber ordentlich. :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Hello Mersad, your food images look awesome. So many delicious items, I see a few that would be my favorites. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Well, there's a surprise! These are absolutely wonderful images. If all else fades, you could do quite well as a food photographer. Splendid!

  6. Oh, my, they do look wonderful - all of the images. I'm sure I gained three pounds just looking at them!

  7. You eat very well, Mersad, very well. I will share the caprese salad, new potatoes and chicken with you.

  8. Beautiful food photos, Mersad. I hope you're enjoying your US vacation - I'm trying to catch up on posts.
    My favorite is the pomegranates - the open one adds so much to that still life.

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