Sunday, February 14, 2016

15 Moments of Love with my Dog Beni

Love is all around us today. In order to mark the occasion I though about revisiting some moments from a creature very close to my heart. Of course I'm talking about my little Maltese dog Beni. He is there in every part of our lives and in the lives of our friends. A constant source of joy and happiness and you can't feel sad when you're around him. So here are 15 Moments with my Dog Beni and I hope they will cheer you up. These shots were deliberatery posted without being from my Canon camera (except the title image). They are all snapshots taken with various phone cameras over the years and are true examples of everyday life with him.

1. I got a kiss from a lady!

2. My Gang

3. Just taking it all in...

4. What's up?

5. Work, Interrupted

6. Bath time over!

7. Yeah, so this happened...

8. Can I "play" with them?

9. We can do it!

10. Just take the picture already, and let me down...

11. Don't Disturb!

12. Not without me!

13. So you're leaving me again...

14. Rainy Days can't stop me...

15. Cooling off...until next time!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. He is a wonderful little dog.

    1. Thanks Adrian. Your pups are amazing as well.

  2. Mersad! Was für schlimme Bilder ;-D! ICH WERDE BENI NOCH EINES TAGS KLAUEN KOMMEN. Machste nix. Is so ;-D. Sind das niedliche Bilder! Dieses Handtuchbild! Oder das, wo er die Augen zu hat........Love is in the air!!! GlG Anne

  3. Cute fellow......I'm amazed to see a dog standing still after having a bath!

    Happy Valentines Day to you!

  4. Love Love Love your LOVE... so sweet and can't pick a favorite because they are all my favorite.

  5. Hello, Beni is just so cute and very photogenic! Wonderful series of images. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Beni is adorable Mersad, iPhones take really good images these days.

  7. Wonderful series of the litte cut dog !
    Really nice and so photogenic ;-)
    Ma favorite photo is Beni in the bath towel.
    ♥ly greetings from Germany

  8. Awww, I love Beni! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Love, love, LOVE it!!! Beni is adorable and dogs are the best!!

  10. Quite a cute pup. Happy <3 Day!

  11. You can certainly see he is loved and leads a wonderful life! I think his bath photo is delightful! Happy Valentines Day!

  12. Good morning, Mersad,

    I enjoyed so much the pictures of your wonderful and so adorable Beni. And smiled all the time reading your words. My dog Tasha and I are sending your sweet Beni many hugs!!!

  13. Ah, Beni is SO adorable and I love your pics of him!! They remind me all over again just how much I miss my dog, Sam Schnauzer, who died two and a half years ago. I hope you and Beni have a wonderful new week and do give him a hug for me!!

  14. The photos are adorable and so is Beni! Happy Valentine's Day to you! I am here via Sundays In My City.♥

  15. Dogs do love unconditionally! :)

  16. Great snapshots of Beni, and I love your titles for each picture. Now that dog can talk!

  17. You have a very precious companion. Nothing like the love of a dog.

  18. They're all great shots, but that bath shot takes the prize. :)

  19. So so cute! The bath time photo made me laugh!

  20. So cute! Beni seems to be a troublemaker (in a good, fun way).

  21. Is there something so precious as the love linking us to our pets ?
    Your Beni is so very funny I love him and I'd love to hug him with so much love .. indeed, please do it instead of me :) !

    Have a wonderful new week,
    sending dear hugs to you

  22. Your photos show what a precious little dog with a big personality he is. He is so cute.

  23. Beni is beautiful Mersad. When I saw the 1st photo I thought he was a Poodle, my wife & I are Poodle People. The wrapped in a towel shot is so cute

  24. Beni is adorable! I love the towel pose!



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