Sunday, September 27, 2015

First Days of Fall and Blog Update [Through My Lens Nr. 9]

There has been a lot going on here this past week, and because of that I'm moving "Through My Lens" to Sunday instead of Monday. It's only for this one time. As always, the link-up is up through the whole next week, so you can share whenever you want to. The reason for that is that we have been on a trip and I'm starting an all new travel series on Monday, which will take us all through the next week. I have included some sneak peaks at the end off the post. I want to start off this post with some images from our mountain cottage though.

In the shot above you can see my dad, standing proudly in front of his quince tree which he has been growing for the last two years. They have a nice scent and will ripen later in the year. We do grow other fruit as well, like persimmons, plums, and regular apples.

Our neighbors dog Div was also there, waiting patiently to be petted. He's such a great dog. We visited the mountain cottage on our way back from the recent trip, and in the images after the link-up you can see some sneak peaks. What have you been up to? What do the first days of fall look like in your corner of the world? Link up below and show us!

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Here are some sneak peaks from our recent trip. The all new, three-part travel series starts tomorrow, so I hope to see you back. More info on location and the whole adventure then!


  1. Tolle Bilder. Ich wollte meine morgen dazufügen, wenn es noch geht.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. What a great and unique isba (that's my language for hut)!
    I never was in such high mountains...
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Great images, Mersad. Love that shack in your sneak peeks!
    Thanks for hosting Through My Lens.

  4. What a wonderful place to hike! It's real adventure up and down the mountains. Great shots too!

    1. You have no idea. This place we went to is a real gem! Can't wait to show you all.

  5. Beautiful nature! And what a lovely dog!
    Have a nice sunday Mersad.
    Greetings, Hilde

  6. I actually said Oh Wow when the rusty shack came up. beautiful. i liked the photo of your dad and Quince is a new fruit to me.

  7. Hello Mersad, lovely images and beautiful scenery..great shot of your Dad! I love the cute pup Div, she reminds me of my old Lab named Sunshine. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead! Thank you also for hosting Through My Lens.

  8. Dear Mersad, your photos are gorgeous and captivating, and you look great! :)

  9. A wonderful, beautiful post as always, Mersad!! Such gorgeous scenery indeed and a great shot of your Dad and you, too! I've had some computer problems, but hope to have them solved by the first of the week -- I hope!! Have a wonderful new week!!

  10. What a sweet dog! Looks like you've traveled to yet another fabulous place.

  11. Your Father looks very proud of his Quince tree, Mersad!

    I loved your mountain photos. I was on a 11,000 foot mountain last week--and my photos there look very similar to your photos.

  12. Great amazing shots. The last one is spectacular among them. I want to be at the ridge and look at the other side. Mersad i can't open the link, has it not opened yet?

  13. such a beautiful place to live and the cute labbi !
    great shots, mersad - i try to make some makro shots but it's always so windy ;-)

  14. Beautiful photos - I like the one with the quince and your father. Wherever you visited has a wild beauty.

  15. Magnificent scenery and am looking forward to your new series. Have a good week ahead.

  16. I love quince and can't wait for my young tree to start producing fruit :) Great photography, as always. Pozdrav!

  17. what a great cottage and div is so cute! awesome sneak peeks too!

  18. Beautiful images, all of them! Your road trip sneak peak looks fabulous!

  19. It's nice to see family of those that we connect with online. I like all your photography, you have a lot of beauty there.

  20. Div is cute! So is your dad!

  21. Your world is so breathtaking, Mersad!



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