Friday, February 26, 2016

A Drive through the hills of Western Herzegovina

A drive can clear your head, but it can also provide an opportunity to discover more of your surroundings. While on a recent drive I got to see (and capture) some of the western parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I didn't visit any of the major towns in that region but I got to capture some of the countryside along the road. The sun was setting which of course gave a very nice ambiance while exploring.

My first stop was next to a barn and some houses. A huge tree was just starting to bloom next to it (picture below). I love the little detail with the bench in the orchard, which is still in winter mode. (picture above). In the far distance I could see marshlands called "Mostarsko Blato", More on that at the end of the post.

A small village called "Cule" can be seen in the next shot in the background. The road is leading into the place, as well as huge power lines that are located on the hills. A power station is close by, distributing electric power throughout this part of the country.

Despite the sun not having set completely, the full moon was already out. From the next stop I parked my car on, I could see more of the landscapes in general. A facility that houses festivities and weddings can be seen in the shot above. While it is outside the city, it has lots of place around it and seems to be in a spot where noise won't bother anybody.

Below you can see the aforementioned "Mostarsko blato", which is essentially a marshland, with water coming and going throughout the year. When the heat of summer strikes the water evaporates, but autumn, winter and early spring sees flooding.

I took one last sunset shot and headed back to the car. These were taken around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The days are finally longer and it seems like we are heading out of the winter period.


  1. The barn is a beautiful building. Your power pylons are as bad as ours. Ther do intrude on the landscape.

    1. Yeah, they are never a pretty sight, are they?

  2. wonderful pictures. it's so fine Weather, in Hamburg we have snow :(
    best regards and happy weekend to you
    susa from germany

  3. Great captures of your countryside. Always enjoyable to see!

  4. Beautiful photos of your beautiful country!
    I hope you'll come join us at a special edition of our weekly Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) linkup here:

  5. Hello Mersad
    Beautiful photos of your home, you can see them not at all enough.
    I wish you a sunny weekend.

  6. as always, awe inspiring photos and my today favorite is number 1. so beautiful.

  7. Lovely photos! The low evening light really makes for some nice colors.

  8. Great shots. My husband and I take road trips all over the Bay Area, because we feel like we're escaping/exploring without using a passport.

  9. Lovely captures as always, Mersad, and I do agree with Photo Cache, I travel the same way whenever I can and it's always fun!! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!! Enjoy!

  10. Althogh I read your blog posts regularly and learn a great deal about places and, indeed, about other things and pick up tips and hints along the way (I have been taking photographs and using an array of filters etc for 65 years and learned at my father's side but I recall learning about the ND filter on one of your posts). I don't often comment (although I should) because so often it's just a case of using one superlative after another and I ran out of new ones for your posts many moons ago. Anyway I've mentioned it now and will try to post comments more frequently.

  11. Very nice photos of a such a beautiful area.

  12. Love the shadows from the setting sun. Even the marshland looked inviting. :)

  13. Nice photos and a glimpse into the region. Love the sunlight bathing the old barn and houses.

  14. Lovely pictures! esp the one where a bit of light falls on her face! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

  15. Fabulous photos. I love learning about other countries - our similarities and our differences. The light from the setting sun if spectacular.

  16. The barn is so different from what I see normally. I loved your capture. I'm so glad I stopped by.

  17. Everything you capture is gorgeous!


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